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The traditional method of building is what is commonly known around the world. However, if you want something that would be faster, cheaper & stronger then shipping containers is your answer. We would mainly use steel, wood, aluminum & glass to build. Your money would go a lot further, and you can practically use them to build almost anything. Affordable housing and schools are the most popular, but you can utilize them for any project, even pools.

Not only are they affordable but they also are hurricane and fire resistant. Shipping containers withstand weathering more effectively than the traditional method. Most people favor them because they are environmentally friendly. When done, they will not look like shipping containers unless you want them too. There are choices that can be used to wrap with, to look like traditional structures. They are so much fun to build with and resemble Logo Blocks. People of all ages love them, especially the Millennials! You can make them virtually anything you want.

Shipping containers are transported across the world on barges, like the one seen in the top picture. Due to the high demand for affordable housing families and students use them for their homes. They can be design anyway you choose, on the inside or outside. Some people end up not putting additional materials on them. They feel shipping containers "as is" looks more trendy.

Trendy Home with Front Porch
Trendy Home with Second Floor
Trendy Modular Home


Tiny homes provide a stand-alone house with a small yard to those who need a low-income solution—especially, students or families who are struggling with the high cost of living. Usually, 300 square feet and under can provide peace of mind in many areas. They can be attached to the ground, building permits are obtainable, connect to public water, sewer and other public utilities, meet energy code standards, and zoning codes, etc. Tiny homes will also give you the freedom to save on your mortgage. You may also be able to work with your bank, and get a rent to own option. With all the benefits that tiny homes provide, more people will be considering this in their future.